Hi there!

My name is Kara Pangilinan. I’m the owner and artist behind Details Ink! After awkwardly and intentionally hiding behind the brand name for almost five years, I am finally making the decision to be braver about my work. Hee hoo hee. So, yes. Hello. 🙂

I’m a 21 year old BS Architecture student at UP Diliman. I really, really want to take a master degree in Urban Planning. Hopefully, somewhere in Europe or Australia. When I was around 10 years old, I created this big dream city system thing that I seriously believed would fix all the problems in the Philippines… People from informal settlements would be trained to make nice art out of recycled materials. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and proper housing, food and education would be provided in exchange for their services. I called it Prapelopia – which was a mix of Papelmelroti and Utopia. Haha! Anyway, that crazy idea I had as a child… is pretty much the basis of my undergraduate thesis… Huhu. Good luck to me. Anyway.

I have a tendency to ramble. Like now… Hm. I grew up in the musical theater world and still love, love singing. My whole family loves singing, actually. Aside from that, I have this chronic problem of not being able to say what’s on my mind – which is probably why I can fill up pages and pages with my thoughts, in a manner that no one will be able to completely understand. Haha, that’s intentional.


In line with that, my Details Ink booth set up at bazaars was designed by yours truly, to serve a special function: to hide me from the world. Because, here’s a secret, I am a total introvert and I have to gather strength to talk to people all day. Huhu. But, I still enjoy it. I just need lots of breaks. Haha.


Hm. I am not good with colors, which is why I stick to black and white. I love instant coffee. Kinfolk magazine is my happiness, my ultimate destressor and source of inspiration. I have come to find that pretending like your going to the beach everyday is a good way to attract positive energy. Haha. Oh, and I would probably pick National Bookstore over any clothing brand.


Nice to finally meet you!
Love, Kara


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