Do Nothing Day

Do Nothing Day

People say that the College of Architecture is the college that never sleeps. Whether it be at UST or UP Diliman or wherever… I think that holds true. Architecture students are always swamped with work. During plates season, we know no time, destroy our body clocks and forget to eat regularly. For those particular reasons, deadlines also serve as markers of freedom. Right after dropping off our deliverables at school, it seems as though the whole universe gets a little and brighter, instantly making it a lot easier for us to breathe. Suddenly, we can do whatever we want to do – and more often than not, we end up doing… nothing.

However, I’ve come to realize that nothing means different things to different people. For some, it means lying in bed all day, watching movies or a TV series. For others, it means sleeping in. What people do during their free time really says a lot about them. I find that kind of interesting. 🙂 Anyway. Last night, I realized that for the first time in forever, I had a free weekend. No plans, no murals, no events marked on my calendar. Of course, there’s still quite a lot to catch up on, in terms of school and Details Ink projects but, I decided to see how things would pan out. So, hooray to my first Do Nothing Day in a billion years. Although, that for me means a whole day of thinking and dreaming and planning. I call that my life mode… or an FML session. (Fix My Life Session hihi)

That means an entire day of coffee and notebooks and pens and, sometimes, visiting MUJI and home stores, and reading Kinfolk and my other life books. <3

So yay! That is what I did today! I spent most of my time in my head. I took a walk, visited a furniture store, had Starbucks, did yoga, and took a quick online course on refocusing your goals when there are just too many of them – which is exactly my problem. All. The. Time. Haha. Anyway, I went to National Bookstore and bought more pens and finally got a copy of the book by Marla Miniano, Reese Lansangan and Jamie Catt. Then, I went to a coffee shop and made my initial game plan for the next three months. Yay, yay, yay. Life is so exciting. :((

I realized that this is really how I relax. This is my happy time. My me time. I step away from the chaos of the daily grind and take a look everything from a distance. I review my past weeks, plan my next ones and basically, see what I can do to do better in life. Haha. Being a introverted productivity geek and all, having the time to do “nothing” is precious. Rare treasure. So, technically, it’s really not nothing. Haha. Wrong title for this blog entry. Anyway, these days prepare me for my intense work days, and my jam packed weeks. I realized that I cannot function well unless I have these days of… nothing. 🙂

Looking through an old notebook, I rediscovered my driving force – which I have been missing all month, to be honest. May went by a little too quickly. And meaninglessly. Maybe, it’s because of all the final projects at school, plus all the things I’ve set aside just backfiring in my face. I panicked through this month because the reasons why I had to work so hard for certain aspects of life no longer made sense to me… but, at the coffee shop earlier, I saw something I wrote last October.

“Your job is to do your very best in
every opportunity you say yes to.
You have to push and delve – or it won’t count.
And you have to make it count.
You have to make the best of this life.
All or nothing.

Always all or nothing.”

I needed this. Hope this comes at a good time for you too!

Love, Kara

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