Keep It Real Wall Mural

Keep It Real Wall Mural




April 1, 2016
5.0 m x 3.0 m wall
PILOT Jumbo Markers, UNI POSCA Paint Markers
6 Hours

This was another huge challenge. It was a mural for REAL FOOD, the newest neighborhood grocer at Molito, Alabang. The main twist this time was the fact that the mural was around 4 meters above the ground, and I needed to stand on a scaffolding set up the entire time… and I have a huge fear of heights! It was quite simple. A vine coming out of a prefabricated rustic window, which contained the random healthy fruits and vegetables sold at the store. Their tagline “Keep It Real” was also incorporated at the artwork. Lastly, there was a little touch of contrast in the area where the vine touched the black railing. The documentation for this project was done by me very talented friend, Erika Garcia. And you can watch the video on the Details Ink Facebook page. Great way to start the month!


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April 2, 2016

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