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The college was filled with crepe paper strips, cute signages, colored strings, handmade string balls, paper cranes and we had good music playing all week! Which leads me to the reason for writing… Details Ink was also there for all four days. Haha. We had several art concessionaires lined up along our walkway and honestly, I wish it could be that way every single day.


I remember posting that video of my brother’s wall, saying “Please support my wall mural artist dreams!” so, I’m really excited about the next walls I have lined up! Still a secret for now but, I hope to still be able to make people really happy with my work.


Hi there!

My name is Kara Pangilinan. I’m the owner and artist behind Details Ink! After awkwardly and intentionally hiding behind the brand name for almost five years, I am finally making the decision to be braver about my work. Hee hoo hee. So, yes. Hello. :)