In the latter part of 2015, I sort of craved for something new to do. I had been selling paper products for years and the various live illustration projects had we wanting to take my art onto an even larger scale. That’s when I remembered my all time favorite street artist from New York. Her name is Kelsey Montague and it had been years since I last viewed her page.

I checked it again and my gosh, she’d already gone around the world with her murals that go with the theme #WhatLiftsYou. I love her concept of interactive street art and I really do want to bring that here to the Philippines. So last December, I said to myself.

“I want to do walls.”

Regarding materials and other logistics, I had no clue how to proceed. And before I could include this in my list of services, or before I could be trusted with anyone else’s wall, I had to, uhm, practice. I needed a test run. So, thank God for my little brother!

He had been pestering my to help him turn his room into some galaxy – themed space so, now was the perfect time. He wanted a life size astronaut on his wall. It was about 6 sqm large and with one jumbo Pilot pen, I opened the key to my next big adventure: #DetailsInkWalls <3


Afterwards, I posted a time lapse video of the whole process and the feedback was a little overwhelming. I immediately got my first mural project for 2016, an 8 sqm office wall in Legaspi Village, which I completed by the end of January. Along with those came several invitations for interviews and for my work to be featured in certain online platforms and even on TV. Honestly, I almost cried – out of fear that I won’t be able to handle it well if people didn’t like my work. Huhu. Anyway.

I read somewhere before that it’s important to give your 100% in everything you do (big or small, official or not) because what you do now determines what you’ll do next. Or something like that. That big project you’ve been waiting for? It’s probably the one you’re working on now.

I remember posting that video of my brother’s wall, saying “Please support my wall mural artist dreams!” so, I’m really excited about the next walls I have lined up! Still a secret for now but, I hope to still be able to make people really happy with my work.

Till next time!
Love, Kara

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