Satchmi Vinyl Day

Satchmi Vinyl Day

Yesterday was the most awaited Satchmi Vinyl Day 2016 – and by far, one of the best events I’ve ever attended, if not the best. Haha. I was invited to do live art for the event, and I’ve never done anything like that before. (Murals are totally different.) I was basically freaking out for hours before we started at 6:00 pm because, one, I hadn’t thought of what to do; two, there were just so many people; and three, they positioned our easels right in the middle walkway, for the whole UP Town to see. Haha.

I have to say… despite the pressure, the heat, the intimidating giant blank canvas staring at my face and the one billion blank moments I had during those four hours, I had so much fun. Haha! Of course, I had fun. The line up was super solid. Reese Lansangan, Jensen and the Flips and Ransom Collective were just three of my favorites. Good music, good art. My type of night. Yay! Here are some photos of the whole live art thing.


This was the concept I crammed in my booth prior to the event. I was searching far and wide for inspiration, until I decided to simply do what I do in my private art journals. I just answer the horrible question: What’s on your mind? Haha. Despite how much I try not to make public art that reflects too much of what’s in my head, I cannot. It’s dishonest. Haha. So there. Anyway. More photos.

IMG_5093Photo by Edric Chua

IMG_5149Photo by Miguel Sebastian

13148405_10154205527758809_1247937709_oPhoto by Jonas Tamayo

13113325_10154205527298809_169908612_oPhoto by Jonas Tamayo

13128623_10154205528003809_1849898946_oPhoto by Jonas Tamayo

IMG_5127Photo by Miguel Sebastian

(The guy up there is Jappy Agoncillo. His work is amazing. Really detailed illustrations. You guys should check his stuff out on Facebook and Instagram!)

Anyway, I ended up drawing inspiration from the way I felt the whole day – overwhelmed with my thoughts. Haha. There have just been way too many things going on in my head recently. After the whole thing, I took a good look at the piece and man… that’s how it looked like in my head. Haha. I integrated two anonymous quotes into the artwork. “A man lives inside his head. That’s where the seed of his soul is.” and “I need solitude to empty my mind of people; I need people to empty my mind of me.”

What can I say? Heavy feels make good for art inspiration. Haha. Thank you so much to the whole Satchmi Team for this wonderful event! And also to all those people who watched the live artists do their thing. This was a great experience. I am a happy child. <3

IMG_5139 “Shut Up, Thoughts.”

A bunch of people messaged me asking if they could purchase the piece but, it will be displayed at the new Satchmi store… opening soon at the UP Town Center. <3

Hope to do this more often!

Love, Kara

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