It’s Personal

It’s Personal

Spending time offline makes you realize lot of things. I truly recommend it and hope it’s okay to share some of those things with you…

Throwback to my first mural project ever. It was one of my happiest days… My art evolves and changes as I do. And recently, I realized that… the reason I struggle so much presenting it online as a brand and sustaining it as such, is because… well, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to see it as just a brand.

Seven years ago, all of this started as a form of self expression. An outlet. A way to get by… there were no rules or expectations – only freedom, curiosity and pure joy. When it comes to art, I work with my heart, think with my gut, and rely on my instincts. But as a grownup artist in this grownup world, you’re required to define things. Measure things. Schedule things. Know things. Answer things like: describe your style or what is your artist philosophy or where do you see yourself in five years… And then there’s the topic of personal branding which I can’t even… how do you… even…

I really admire those who don’t struggle with these things but I don’t know… I find it very difficult to share a piece of your heart and soul to the world, and then make it sound like it isn’t personal. Because it is. (except of course, for the projects you take on because you need to survive haha)

So, I’d like to step away from all the pressure that I’ve been putting on myself. I’d like to take a step back, and share things in a manner where I can be less afraid to break any branding rules, and less constrained in general. I guess I’m in some sort of post-graduation, transition period in my life, where I’m trying to figure out who I’m supposed to be and where I’m supposed to go. And I want that to be… okay. I want to be allowed to explore and fail and not have it all figured out – because minus the pressure, I’m totally fine doing just that. Also, because there are a billion things on my mind everyday, I need so badly to be able to create things for the sole purpose of self-expression once again. I need this to be my outlet again. My happy thing. My way to process things and get by. Because that’s how art started for me and apparently, that’s how I’m always going to see it. And no matter what anyone says, I know deep down that that’s still something worth being proud of.

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