Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Hello! It’s been over a year since I last updated this website. And if you follow Details Ink on Instagram, you may have also noticed that I only made 21 posts throughout the entire 2017. Which is kind of a sin in the online business world I think haha but it’s partly because, well, I got so busy with my architectural thesis, mural projects and events… and I just couldn’t seem to make time to sit and write about the things that were happening everyday. Those who know me have probably witnessed the numerous mental breakdowns caused by having to write captions for Instagram posts or deciding whether or not to publish the post at all. There has been so much unnecessary stress caused by the mere fact that… I am basically a cave woman. And and introvert. 🙁

Apart from that, another reason is that I spent most of the year on Airplane Mode, inside my new little studio at Teacher’s Village where I discovered how lovely (and how important) it is to have time to do the work that you love, away from public eye. It is there that I have rediscovered my love for this craft. And for creating in itself. Trust me, it’s the only thing I can do with joy and lightness – everything else (like posting/marketing/replying to people/pricing/selling/accounting), I do with anxiety and struggle haha. I am a textbook over-thinker but, when I create those intricate black and white patterns, my mind is at peace. And this year, I would very much like to have more of that peace haha. I would like to have more slow but, extremely efficient work days. More quiet, productive mornings. More hours offline. And in the process of trying to think of a way to achieve all that and not totally disappear from the world, I remembered I had this blog.

My goodness, I used to blog so much. On WordPress then, on Blogspot. Mainly because there was just way too much going on in life and I wanted so much to share everything I would learn in a manner that was not so… fast paced and busy. And where I could tell a full story without having to worry about whether or not it would annoy people on their timelines or feeds. Besides, I take as much time writing captions anyway. Haha. I guess I express myself better when I can talk like this… in a casual, no-pressure-to-be-deep-or-witty kind of way haha.

So anyway, as I pass on the burden of social media to someone else on the team, I would like to keep this channel for myself. I’m not quite sure why the idea of reaching a lot less people is so appealing to me but, I really am looking forward to less noise in my life. So, if you’re reading this now, I’d like to thank you. For sticking around. And I’d like to let you know that I will be doing this more, as this will be my primary window to the online world. Yes, this is one of my 2018 resolutions. One of the many.

It’s actually time for me to go now but, let me end with this. Today was my first work day and I gotta say… this year is gonna be GREAT. <3


Can’t wait to share it here!

Love, Kara


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