Last Friday, I had the privilege of giving a talk to the UP Business Administration Student Council. #AdvantEDGE is what they go by if I’m not mistaken haha. It was a nice, quick, chill workshop that started with a lecture and ended with a little pen and ink art demo.

The lecture portion was basically a casual kwento session. I shared how Details Ink started, including all the yucky technical things I had to figure out and I  also shared some of the things I wish I knew when I was just starting. Here’s the slide:

Things I Would Have Told My Past Self

As much as I’d like to elaborate on these vague tips now, I think I’ll save that for another time. Hehe. Preparing for this talk made me realize that I have been so hard on myself these past months. And that I have not stopped to look back and realize that hey, I have grown a lot. But sharing these things to people who are just starting out made me realize that despite all the mistakes I made in the past five years… I did one thing right – I didn’t stop doing what I loved doing. 🙂

Top 5 Cliche-But-True Lessons

In the last part of the lecture, I shared these cliche-but-true lessons which I stand by to this day. These are things I have to constantly learn and relearn; things that I’ll have to tell myself thrice as much as I tell anyone else. And all this goes to show… just how business-minded I am not. Haha. Because I was there in front of maybe 20 business students, telling them my number one entrepreneurship tip: never stop doing what you love… haha.

God I hope they learned something.
Love, Kara

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