And just like that, my second solo exhibit has come to an end.

In my last entry, I was filled with both excitement and fear – and now I am filled with joy and fulfillment. However, one of the things I learned over the years, is that whenever you have sweet moments of victory after having successfully completed any sort of endeavor – be it a performance, a college degree, a project or in this case, an exhibit – you have to bask in the moment. Feel it completely. Be grateful. Breathe it all in. Get a good night’s sleep. And then let it go. Get your head out of the cloud its in and then proceed with life. 

Of course it’s okay to take a vacation and rest for a while. That goes without saying. Rest is important! But, the point is to keep creating. The point is to always go back to the work of creating – no matter what. As they say, design never ends.

The first weeks of July, I was at the gallery often, talking to clients and exhibit-goers about my work while making sketches for another project. The month was quite packed with shows, meetings, events and work – including a training for my new ambassadorship (to be announced later this month) and a denim jacket collaboration with the clothing brand GUESS.





I loved every bit of it but, introvert that I am, all that engagement took quite a toll on me. Which is why I feel that my hibernation period has come at the perfect time. Like I said in one previous blog, I spent the first four months of the year away from social media, as was one of many 2018 resolutions. June and July were quite busy but, I’m so happy to be starting another month tomorrow! Since 2016, I committed to keeping August social-media free – mainly because July is normally filled with events and September, my birthday month, is even more packed.

August is my down time.

Last year, I did yoga everyday, finished three books, worked a lot at my studio at Teacher’s Village, slept at 10 or 11 every night, woke up at 6am every morning and spent lots of quality time with friends and family – away from my phone and without being overwhelmed with notifications – wow I am so excited for tomorrow!!! Wew. Okay. Breathe, Kara. Anyway.

Quietly and diligently — that was my motto last year as I worked on projects. When I think of my dream life, I still imagine one where I can be away from the pace of the world, where I can create things slowly, breathe deeply, and enjoy life with the people I love. Simply put, I really feel much closer to that dream when I’m offline.

Last thing — recently, I discovered that I was lacking a third manner by which to get things done. Apart from doing things quietly and diligently, I also wanted to do things wholeheartedly. That means being fully present in all the moments of life, ideally without having to stop and take a photo or video for memories or for the rest of the world to see. I want to bask in every moment. Feel it completely. Be grateful. Breathe it all in. Work quietly, diligently and wholeheartedly. And enjoy life as it is.

And that is the plan, starting tomorrow.
Hopefully, I get to share some bits of it with you here.

Love, Kara

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