One of the biggest struggles in maintaining a creative business is not having people to talk to about the struggles of maintaining a creative business. Haha. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know that much about it. It’s something I constantly have to learn up until now. So today’s talk on The Business of Being Creative was basically a dream come true for me. It’s about time creatives start making seminars on the not-so-artsy parts of their craft.



The event was held on the second floor of Commune PH, a beautiful coffee shop in Polaris Street, Makati. Black, white and wood. My kind of aesthetic. Anyway… There were four amazing speakers that shared their stories that day. Liz Lanuza of ProjectVanity.com, Roxy Navarro of Works of Heart, Mansy Abesamis of Hey Kessy, Soleil Ignacio and Arriane Serafico. Before they even spoke, the whole atmosphere of the place was already so inspiring. Good vibes. It’s like we all knew we were around the, uhm, type of people we wanted to be around. Haha. Like it was such a relief to every single person in the room that they’re not the only ones who have been exchanging big ideas with themselves! Haha.

I mentioned my mini-thesis in my Introduction post a month ago. (Oh my gosh it’s March…) But, this was basically a glimpse of my whole concept – which is basically creating an architectural structure that lies right at the intersection of creativity, commerce and community. This talk was exactly the push I needed to give me the assurance that this is the direction I want to go… in life in general. Haha.

That’s all for now, I guess. Before the month ends, I’d like to invite you all to the UP College of Architecture Bldg. 1 next week for FLIP: An Architectural Book Fair. Details Ink will have a booth there all week!

Hope to see you there!
Love, Kara

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