When I’m not in Details Ink mode, I’m on student mode. I’m currently a 4th year BS Architecture student at UP Diliman, and I kind of love it. Haha! As such, there are several organizations that I’m a part of and for one, I’m part of the Executive Committee. This org is called ARKAIRA and it’s the only performing org in the college. Our biggest and most recent event just took place. Carovana 2016. It’s a week arts and music festival and my gosh, it was beautiful. 



882181_484002015133489_4928301913568651435_o(I painted those signs! Hehehe.)

The college was filled with crepe paper strips, cute signages, colored strings, handmade string balls, paper cranes and we had good music playing all week! Which leads me to the reason for writing… Details Ink was also there all week. Haha. We had several art concessionaires lined up along our walkway and honestly, I wish it could be that way every single day. Some of the other shops there were La Isla Luisa, Crafty Cookie, Velvet Drop, Sketchnotes and Diyalogo.




It was a great week! Despite the stress. Haha. It was interesting to have my two worlds intersect: Details Ink and Arki, I mean. To have my fellow students and professors see me in my work mode was… ok, honestly? It was really awkward. Haha! I was super conscious. But, what’s new? Haha!

Nonetheless, we’ll be heading back for another week long event by the UP Architecture Forum this time. It’s called FLIP and I heard it’s gonna be huge! Hope to see you guys at the UP College of Architecture Building 1 on March 1 – 4, 2016. And I do hope this isn’t gonna be the last time my two worlds collide. 🙂

Till next time!
Love, Kara

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